Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Movin' On In Ma Honda

Blank slate
In nothing
Such clarity
I realign my focus
Forget that which is toxic
Move forward
Honda civic 2008
Lets kick some ass
Let's drive somewhere beautiful
Make beauty
Spread love
Spread happiness
Give to all
Love everywhere
Sell my Honda
To where no evil
May find me
Change my name
Change my clothes
Wear funny contacts
I am the same
And you are gone
I am love
All love

  1. And you are gone


Is there happiness in you
You have not met you yet
But there is no one else
Because you have no one else
A refugee
Seeking refuge
Of refuge
Love finds you never
Find refuge in yourself
Reap the reward
From your own seed
Watch you grow
And that which you seek
You won't need

Raped In Heart

What do we make here
And call by name
Each and every word
A caress
Barely scaping truth
Am I alone here
I say yes
These barren white rooms
Ask me how my children are
Tell me where we lived
Ask me why the fire was lit
Feel my pulse as I still walk
I still breathe
These figments of head
Ailment of mouth
You left me with bruises
Ones I could see
Laughed in my face
So clearly
Love, I loved you
When I loved you with grace
The little laughs in my head
Are your fault
So are the cries
Weren't they beautiful
As you took
Bled me with lies
Dreams are for you
For me, I am crazy
So leave them broken
They weren't real
Nothing was
In fact nothing was

I Walk Away

Be less than you
Gain some weight
Eat poor food
Succumb to drugs
Drink to death
Love less
Laugh less
Try less
Be less confident
Be less witty
Stop being so excited
Calm down
Become plain
Stop being so noticable
Stop making a scene
Think less
Write less
Be less colorful
You threaten
Them all
They have no love
I walk away
I won't blend into this gray
Off to the place of love
Sea being, sky
Dear one
You fly and you swim
Don't listen to them
Hold on to the hope and sparkle
Of every color shining bright
Day and night
Day and night
Each step
The beauty of your own world
Love and appreciation
Divine design
My heart is a rainbow
I let go of the gray
I walk away
Walk away
Here I go
It's every place

Good News

He said
He said the bright side is
Your spine
Will fuse together
And then you will feel
Pain no longer

I cannot wait
To turn into
A toothpick

Does a dead treebranch feel pain?

Is not movement the very expression of life


When you die
You will feel no more pain
What a diagnosis
Thank you doctor

Tuesday, November 12, 2019


There is nothing left here
If and when you come
You will find a shut door
Eyes facing the other way
You shattered everything
But the moment it really ended
Was when I realized
You were threatened
By my happiness
Yet tried to manipulate
By calling me sad
Causing me to be sad
Then using it as a weakness
The very one you caused
You are bad
Bad for me
And I leave you in dust and darkness


Little dot
I find your location
They tell me
You're not allowed
To feel
To smile
To love
To live
Off I go
Sweet love journey
I like you alone
They don't make sense
I leave them
They live inside cocoons
In my heart
I need so little
Yet I have the sky